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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, (First Class Honours)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



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Ms Yap’s Profile:

    • First Class Honours in Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University – Top 5% of cohort
    • Top 5% of Singapore cohort at both O and A-levels
    • Scholarship recipient
    • Ex-Victoria Junior College, Triple Science stream student at A-levels (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) with straight A’s
    • Scored better than 92% and 97% of the Singapore cohort for verbal and math components of SAT1 reasoning test
    • Taught at a private tuition centre previously
    • Registered as a MOE Relief Teacher
    • 10 years of teaching experience, 5 years’ experience as a full-time tutor
  • Relevant biomedical industry experience, having completed research stints at National Neuroscience Institute and NTU’s Division of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, where she investigated the role of ion channels in ischemic stroke and regulation of gene transcription by progesterone receptors respectively, using advanced molecular biology techniquesFind out more about Ms Yap!


How do you choose a good teacher? We let our students’ H2 Biology exam results speak for themselves.

(P/S: We are the only specialised biology tuition provider displaying evidence of our students’ results, complete with video and written testimonials and statistics.  We specialise in Biology and only Biology.

We are not another tuition center offering a multitude of teachers for different subjects. Hence, we have more time and energy to specialise in what we do best- imparting all the techniques you need for your Biology exam.  An analogy would be to imagine yourself as a patient with a very specific medical concern- would you visit a specialist, or visit a general practitioner?

Our students’ % A is one of the highest.  Are we the best? You can compare with the others.

Don’t just take our word for it- Hear from our students, and decide for yourself.)

Students’ H2 Biology exam Results:

How our students perform at the A levels:

90% of the students who have been with Ms Yap since JC1 scored an A grade 

100% of the students with Ms Yap showed improvement

The % A scored by Ms Yap’s students is higher than the Singapore national average % A.

The % A scored by Ms Yap’s students is  higher than even the top 2- schools’ % A.

Please see the graphs below.

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How did our students perform in 2018 H2 Biology exams?

JC1 2018: 100% of our JC1 2018 students scored “A” grade and/ or above 80th percentile in the JC1 promotional examinations. ( Yes, ALL our students were in the top quintile for their schools.)

JC2 2018: 90% of the students who have been with Ms Yap since JC1 scored an A grade at the 2018 A levels

Raving Testimonials:

From U to FINALLY getting an A in (all) my school exams!!”

From single-digit score to achieving the 89th percentile in my exams!”

Ms Yap teaches more than my school and another tuition centre, which is very helpful for Paper 3.  She taught me how to study Biology efficiently. (I topped my class and scored “A”! )” Brian is currently pursuing Medicine in NTU (2019)

“The digital lessons helped me fill in conceptual gaps. I learned a special technique on how to answer application questions, and I saw a vast improvement within a short time frame- I jumped FOUR grades from BT2s to Prelims, within ONE month.” Tiffany is currently pursuing Medicine in NUS (2019)

The HIGHEST I ever scored, THREE grades improvement in ONE month in my school exams” Clara is currently pursuing Medicine in NUS (2019)

Difficult questions during timed practices (given by Ms Yap) have appeared in my examinations”

With no Biology background ( I did not take Biology in Sec 3/4), Ms Yap’s lessons helped my concept application and improve my grades

From 20th percentile in JC1 (before joining) to 75th percentile in my JC2 mid year exams”

“Ms Yap’s lessons are FUN and enjoyable and perks my interest in the topic! My previous tutor’s notes and questions were too simple. Ms Yap’s questions are challenging to test whether I really understand the concepts.”

“She introduces all the possible combinations of questions -the questions that Ms Yap told us to watch out for, CAME OUT in my A levels!”

“My previous 1:1 tuition did not help, Ms Yap’s tuition is really good and I recommended my friend here.” 

“Good, concise and detailed notes”

“Previous Biology tuition I joined unable to help me (but Ms Yap did!)”

 What will be provided by Ms Yap:

  • Detailed & Effective Notes!

  • Clear Explanations!

  • Many Practice Questions!

  • Unlimited Access to  EXCLUSIVE online resources and lessons!

  • Small Classes & Quality Learning!



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