Does your child find it difficult to answer “application questions”?

He studies the entire stack of school biology notes, but yet during tests and examinations, he gets shocked by the questions because  he is tested on content he has not learnt before?

Does he find that he does not know the answer breakdown and not know what keywords to write?

Does he find that school biology lectures are taught at an alarming speed that he cannot keep up?

Does he find that he is clueless which topic a synoptic question is testing on?

Does he find out that A level biology is an entirely different ball game from O level biology? Where he used to score an A1 or A2 in secondary school, now in JC he scrapes by with S and Us..

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Well. It is a fact that students will be tested on biology material they have not been taught before, read on.

Ms Yap is here to help!


Assuming that students understand their Biology lessons in school- even then, they may find themselves stumped during the examinations.

Why is this so?

They may find that content not taught to them, is tested.

Let’s take a closer look at the H2 Biology syllabus, provided by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board.

Biology 9744 syllabus circled

As circled above, students are tested on content NOT necessarily related to the content of the H2 Biology syllabus.

This is why although the syllabus learning outcomes given by MOE is generally covered by all schools, the DEPTH to which topics are taught vary across different schools, and the answer scheme quality given across schools vary as well.  This means that the extent of exposure to the Biology syllabus across different schools vary, because school teachers will decide the grey areas of “what content not necessarily related to the syllabus” will be taught.

For instance, student A may that find his/ her school may not have taught certain aspects of a topic, but student B ‘s teachers may have covered this during lessons. Would you rather be student A or student B?

More exposure and practice now = less guesswork during examinations

Our customised notes references materials from the TOP THREE JCs ( you may find out which JCs these are) with the highest A level score rates in H2 Biology in Singapore, so you will be learning exactly (and perhaps more) what the students in these top JCs are learning.

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