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We do not have a sales hotline. Please fill in the form for all new students.  ( You may wish to take a look at the FAQ below, on how we can give YOU a competitive ADVANTAGE.  )


Location: Bedok Reservoir  ;  located a 10-minute walk away from Bedok Reservoir MRT station. Buses 66 and 228 run directly to both Bedok Reservoir MRT (Downtown Line) and Bedok MRT (Green Line).



1. Why should we choose you?

Our methodology WORKS.  Countless students have tried OTHER Biology tuition with other tuition centers or even 1:1 tuition with brand-name tutors before joining us.  However, they found out that these sessions were not suitable for various reasons.  Would you want to waste valuable time trying other centers, only to realise that you need other forms of help?

“Previously, I had been getting a U in my school examinations.  However, upon joining Ms Yap’s classes, I have finally been able to get my A.”- Davian Milevaganam, Eunoia Junior College [click to view actual student testimonial]

“Before coming for her tuition, I was scoring a single digit and after going to her tuition, I was able to achieve the 89th percentile (in my school) for my Biology mid-year examinations.” – Low Sieu Xin, Temasek Junior College [click to view actual student testimonial]

“Prior to joining Ms Yap’s biology tuition, I actually sought out another biology tuition centre.  But unfortunately, that biology tuition centre wasn’t able to help me; because the lessons were very rushed and the materials they provided were lacking in the sense that they did not answer my questions”- Gabriel Kuah, ex- Yishun Junior College [click to view actual student testimonial]

Since we are covering much more in-depth than your school, more time will be needed for this content-heavy subject.

Although sessions are officially 3 hours, Ms Yap is known to conduct 6-hour group lessons at no extra cost, to help you wade through the voluminous content required for H2 Biology. ( The last we checked, no other tutor in the entire Singapore offers sessions this intense– let’s face it, who would be willing to do unpaid overtime? Well, we do! Why? Because we are passionate and geared towards helping YOU!)


2. Can you help? I am having trouble with application questions. I have difficulty applying the content to the answer the questions /memorizing keywords/ integrating all the inter-related concepts etc.

An absolute resounding yes- we definitely CAN, and will help you!

Our material matches that of the top 3 JCs ( and to an even greater detail than some of these top JCs).

You will be trained how to critically think, and be told which are the important parts to remember. Our notes will contain information not in your school notes, which are still being tested in the examinations.

You will be taught a special technique to  answer application questions.

(We guarantee our material will be BETTER than your school notes. The common objective here is that our notes are designed in a way to help you SAVE time during preparation for the examinations, to get you your DESIRED grades.)

“My school notes are sometimes quite disorganised and not very good for memorization.   Ms Yap’s notes really benefit me because she makes sure to condense them into very concise and precise language, and she highlights and underlines the keywords such that I’m better able to spot them and to memorise them easily. So basically, she has done a lot of the thinking for me already, and basically what I have to do is to mostly just memorize.  “- Lydia Ng, Hwa Chong Institution  [click to view actual student testimonial]

“Ms Yap provides all the different notes such as common mistakes and her own summary which makes my learning process easier.  Compared to my school’s notes, her notes are much more detailed. ” Reiko Lim, Yishun Junior College [click to view actual student testimonial]


3. How do you keep abreast of the MOE syllabus and ensure your answers are recognized by SEAB-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level examinations board?

You may (hopefully) be aware by now, that the answers released by certain publishers and schools are not in line with the assessment objectives of the SEAB-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level examinations board.  The Cambridge examiners may not award marks in the same way that your school teachers do.

We have been analysing and fine-tuning our answer scheme against the official Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Examiner’s report, throughout the years.

All our graduating students will also receive a copy of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Examiner’s report.


4. How do your students fare for the A level every year?

Close to 9 out of 10 of our students score an A at the A level ( *for students who have been with us since JC1). This is more than double the national average of 40%.

We have managed to consistently maintain this high  90 % Grade A  achieved by our students (for students who have been with us since JC1) since 2013. (Information accurate as at 2018).

Please refer to this page for more details and evidence of past students’ results. (Whenever possible, we upload the actual source e.g. Students’ certificates, written and video testimonials, google reviews etc. You can be sure you are hearing from our actual students, rather than relying on flimsy phone screenshots which can be doctored.)

P/S: If you join later on and have missed our JC1 classes, don’t fret ( past lessons and material are available for purchase)!


5. Do you offer trial lessons?

We do not offer trial lessons. We are of the view that a student will not be able to appreciate the benefits of our intensive programme in just one lesson.


6. How do you ensure the quality of each lesson?

All lessons are taught by Ms Yap personally. We do not engage other tutors (whose style and pace may be different), just to have a higher profit margin. This ensures consistency of lessons.

All weekly lessons are carefully planned out, with specific learning objectives and learning outcomes to be met.


7. Is it possible for me to join at any time of the year?

Yes. However, due to limited seats, fees may be adjusted upwards as classes fill up. Students who enroll earlier will enjoy the lower rate throughout the year.

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