Our heartiest congratulations to all our graduating students!

Ms Yap is proud of your hard work, and it is her pleasure to teach all of you.

How our students perform at the A levels:

90% of the students who have been with Ms Yap since JC1 scored an A grade

100% of the students with Ms Yap showed improvement

The % A scored by Ms Yap’s students is higher than the Singapore national average % A.

The % A scored by Ms Yap’s students is higher than even the top 2- schools’ % A.

Please see the graphs below.

It doesn’t matter whether you are from a top school, or a neighbourhood JC, or retaking your A’s – Ms Yap will help you ACE YOUR BIOLOGY!

The results of her previous students are shown below. (Since we have too many students’ results to show, and it gets repetitive after awhile; so only some are selected here for display. )
(P/S: it’s a good problem to have! )

Student identification details and names of certain schools have been deleted for privacy purposes. Only the relevant H2 Biology subject grades are presented.

Raving testimonials

Hi, I am Davian from Eunoia Junior College.  I personally feel that Ms Yap’s lessons are very helpful to me, especially with the support system of online digital lessons.  I have missed a couple of lessons previously, and she has released the digital lessons online which has allowed me to review at home what was being taught during the lesson and catch up on what my peers are doing in tuition, so I find that it is very useful.

If I may add, previously I was scoring a U in my school examinations.  However after joining Ms Yap’s tuition, I have finally managed to clinch my A. I think that Ms Yap is very helpful as the questions that she gives are very useful and applicable to the syllabus that I am studying.   I believe this is what helped me to get my A.

Hi, I am Sieu Xin from TJC.  Before coming to this tuition, I was not able to apply the content learnt in Biology to the questions in the school’s tutorial.  I was lost due to the fast pace of the school lectures. After coming to Ms Yap’s tuition, I was able to better see links between the topics (which I was not able to before), and apply the content learned to the questions.  Ms Yap is also a very conscientious teacher who tries to help me to the best of her ability. Before coming for her tuition, I was scoring a single digit and after going to her tuition, I was able to achieve the 89th percentile (in my school) for my Biology mid-year examinations.

Hi, I am Brian.  I am currently studying in River Valley High School and taking the Biology A-levels this year.  Before I came to Ms Yap’s tuition, I was with another tuition centre offering Biology tuitionI feel that the main difference between that tuition centre, my school and Ms Yap is that Ms Yap provides notes that are a lot more detailed, so we learn a lot more than what is taught in school.  This is very important because I feel it will be very helpful for Paper 3 (Paper 3 includes long structured data-based questions) and this is what’s going to help me in the future.  Ms Yap is really good- Ms Yap has taught me how to study Biology in a more efficient way, and her materials are geared towards helping students to do well in the exams. (Topped his class and achieved “A” grade for Biology in JC2 Preliminary examination, Brian is currently pursuing Medicine in NTU 2019)

Hi, I am Tiffany from SAJC.  When I joined Ms Yap’s tuition, I learned a special technique on how to answer application questions, and with that I saw a vast improvement within a short time frame.  I jumped four grades from BT2s to Prelims, within one month.  I think that one aspect of how Ms Yap’s programme has helped me, was the digital lessons and videos, because these helped me fill in conceptual gaps, and taught me how to answer application questions. (Tiffany is currently pursuing Medicine in NUS 2019)

Hi, I am Clara from Raffles Institution.  Before coming for Ms Yap’s tuition, I was with another tuition centre.  I felt that the notes the tuition centre gave were not very detailed, and the teachers at that tuition centre did not really help me understand biology very well. After coming to Ms Yap’s tuition, I have improved by three grades in a span of one month, the highest I have ever scored.  The difference between Ms Yap and the way that my (school) teacher teaches in RI, is that Ms Yap is more patient and she explains things better.  I feel that the notes she gives are very detailed and helps me in a way that I can better understand biology. (Clara is currently pursuing Medicine in NUS 2019)

Hi, I am Jia Ching from EJC. In my first year of JC, I actually attended another (biology) tuition which I found wasn’t very helpful, and I ended up scoring quite badly in my promos and retaining.
Fast forward to JC2, I chanced upon Ms Yap’s tuition and was pleasantly surprised that she was able to tackle many of my main problems in biology, such as memory work and Ms Yap helped me in understanding concepts by linking together all the different topics, so that I was better able to see the bigger picture; in addition to teaching us the individual topics.
I also find that she offers the option of digital lessons, to help me catch up on the topics that I missed out on, which I find that this is quite uncommon among biology tuition in Singapore. She also gives us very difficult questions to practice during class under timed conditions, and actually many of these questions have appeared in my major examinations, so I am quite thankful for that.
All in all, I feel like her efforts really saw an improvement in my grades, and I am really thankful for that, so I encourage you to join Ms Yap’s tuition. Thank you!

Hi, I am Yan Shen from Hwa Chong. Before this (taking Biology as an A level subject), I had no biology background as I did not take Biology in Secondary 3 and Secondary 4. Compared to my peers, I had no Biology background at all. Before this (coming to Ms Yap’s tuition), I tried to study Biology on my own as I had no Biology tuition, but I could not make out the concepts that were important, as my school’s notes were very long and I was unable to apply the concepts to the questions as well. However, after attending Ms Yap’s tuition, she helped me improve by 4 grades, and I feel her lessons are really good as she integrates the lectures and tutorials together. She also points out the important concepts for us so that we can apply them in our (exam) questions.

Hi, I am Tong Hui from VJC. Before joining Ms Yap’s biology tuition, I was scoring around 20th percentile in JC1.  After joining her tuition, I secured 75th percentile for my JC2 mid-year examinations. Ms Yap’s teaching style is very effective and her explanations are clear and concise.  Ms Yap also exposes students to many questions and she will unpack the questions well.  She also goes through answering techniques in detail.  In addition, Ms Yap also writes her own notes to help students better internalise and understand the concepts well.  Ms Yap’s biology tuition has helped me to improve and understand the concepts much better.


Hi, I’m Lydia; and I’m from Hwa Chong Institution.

Prior to coming for Ms Yap’s tuition, one of the biggest issues I had with Biology was that my school’s lectures were way too fast for me to understand. I barely had enough time, to like even, take down notes; not even talking about trying to understand the material at the same time.

But Ms Yap’s tuition really benefitted me because she goes through each and every concept slowly; and after every concept, she makes sure to give me questions to consolidate my learning, and that I truly understand what has just been taught.  While teaching, she also makes sure to ask questions, as well as to ask if I have kept up with what she is going through.

But not only so, my school doesn’t really have that many questions for us to try out; and during the short period of 1 hour during school tutorials, we can’t even cover all the questions that are given to us sometimes.  But Ms Yap’s tuition makes sure that I am exposed to a much wider variety of questions, as well as to make sure that she solidifies my answering techniques.  This means that she gives me way harder questions that are able to stretch my brain, so that I am better able to answer way harder questions during exams as well.

But not only so, my school notes are sometimes quite disorganised and not very good for memorization.  They are good for background understanding, and for you to get to know the topic well though.  But when it comes to memorisation and for preparing for exams, Ms Yap’s notes really benefit me because she makes sure to condense them into very concise and precise language, and she highlights and underlines the keywords such that I’m better able to spot them and to memorise them easily. So basically, she has done a lot of the thinking for me already, and basically what I have to do is to mostly just memorize.  And this really helps me in my time management for exams, because one of my biggest issues was that due to the fact what I had to think a lot during the exams, I was unable to finish the questions and this cost me a lot of marks.  So when I came to Ms Yap’s tuition, I was better able to spot the keywords after exposure to the questions; so that during the exams, I didn’t have to think so much, and during those stressful exam conditions, I could better able apply what I have already learnt.

I would definitely highly recommend Ms Yap’s biology tuition for students who want to boost in their confidence in answering exam questions.

By the way, I have just sat for my A level Biology paper today, and the questions from Ms Yap’s consolidated notes did come out in my examination paper. 

After attending Ms Yap’s Biology tuition, I’ve improved by four grades in six months.  Thank you!

Hello! I’m Jeslyn, and I’m from EJC. Before I came here (to Ms Yap’s tuition), I was studying on my own, and I was at a loss and I could not really understand what my school was teaching. I went for tuition at another tuition centre but the notes and questions given were too simple.  Afterwards, I came to Ms Yap’s class and her notes were very concise and clear.  The questions provided by Ms Yap were really challenging, which is good because they test my knowledge as well and whether I really understand the concept.  One thing good about Ms Yap’s classes are that they are really detailed, so we go in depth into the topics and understand what the concepts are about.  Ms Yap’s classes are fun and enjoyable, because she is really friendly and she really perks my interest in the topics and concepts overall. So.. *thumbs up*!

Hi, I am Yi Lin from Hwa Chong.  What I find most useful about Ms Yap’s tuition is that her lectures and her questions go hand-in-hand.  She introduces all the possible combinations of questions that may come out and she teaches us how to apply those concepts properly.  She consolidates everything that we need to know in her set of notes for us, so it makes studying for exams a lot easier.  She fills in the content gaps that my school notes may (sometimes) leave out.  The longer tuition sessions are very useful for a learner like me, because Ms Yap’s tuition is a lot longer than school tutorials, so there is a lot more time to think and I get to try out a lot more questions as well.  Lastly, the questions that Ms Yap told us to watch out for, came out for (my) A levels– so yay, thank you Ms Yap!

Hi, I am Clarice from Raffles Institution.  Before coming to Ms Yap’s Biology tuition, I could not score for questions despite reading school notes multiple times.  Ms Yap taught me a special technique that helped me to answer questions effectively, and a way to apply my knowledge so that I can score better.  Ms Yap is very detailed and meticulous; and her notes are very accurate and concise, which helps to plug in gaps in my knowledge and helps me to understand difficult and abstract concepts better.  I am more sure of myself now when doing questions, because she points out common application questions for us students.

Hi, I am Christabell from Innova Junior College.  I previously sought 1:1 tuition, but I did not learn much; because he used my own (school) notes to teach me, so I learnt almost nothing new.  On top of that, he used ten-year series (TYS) and used TYS answers to teach me- when I can just read off the notes myself.  Afterwards, I went to a tuition centre which provided notes that were too simple, and too much time was wasted in class watching videos.  On top of that, the questions and answers provided by that tuition centre lack detail- you don’t learn much at all because you can get the answers from your own (school) lecture notes.

I went for Ms Yap’s tuition after going to that tuition centre, and Ms Yap’s tuition is really good.  You learn a lot, and her notes are well compiled.  On top of that, you get to apply the knowledge you have learnt almost immediately,  because Ms Yap makes students do practices in class immediately to internalise the knowledge, so that’s how you learn better.  My grades improved significantly and the questions that we did in class came out for my prelim exams, and I scored very well.

Hi, I am Chery from Innova Junior College (Cherey was referred via word-of-mouth to Ms Yap’s Biology tuition program through Christabell).  Ever since joining Ms Yap’s tuition, I have been exposed to a variety of Biology questions that I didn’t know could be asked. I also learnt what the keywords meant, and what to do and all the answer structures; and how different questions can also mean and ask for the same thing.  Ms Yap’s notes are REALLY detailed; and on top of that, she actually handwrites all her notes, hence she is able to explain from step one all the way through, with deep understanding.  We will thus have in-depth understanding of that topic itself, so her tuition is really good.

Hi, I am Claresse from TPJC.  Before I came for Ms Yap’s tuition, I was scoring a U for H2 Biology. But now after attending Ms Yap’s lessons, I understand the topics better.  Ms Yap’s lessons are more comprehensive compared to my school’s lectures.  Ms Yap’s way of teaching is way better than my school’s tutors.  I have more confidence now in answering Biology questions.

Hi, I am Hosanna. I am from TPJC.  Before I came to Ms Yap, there were a lot of things I did not understand about Biology, because my school’s notes lacked content.  When I came (for Ms Yap’s tuition), she gave me a set of notes which was very clear and concise.  On top of that, her notes provide more content so it is easier for me to understand and answer questions for A levels.  Ms Yap has also given me access to online resources Ms Yap has made, like online (lecture) videos she has created.  Thus, it is very helpful because it helps with self- study (at home) and helps me save a lot of time.  It has been very effective and very helpful.


My name is Gabriel.  I was previously a student from Yishun Junior College, and this year I’m currently retaking A levels as a private candidate.  Prior to joining Ms Yap’s biology tuition, I actually sought out another biology tuition centre.  But unfortunately, that biology tuition centre wasn’t able to help me; because the lessons were very rushed and the materials they provided were lacking in the sense that they did not answer my questions and the content is lacking in certain ways.  So the challenges I faced before coming to Ms Yap’s tuition are that – Firstly, as a private candidate, I lacked the guidance required.  Secondly, I had trouble understanding concepts as well as memorising them.  Furthermore, I had problems linking concepts across topics which is necessary.  After joining Ms Yap’s tuition, I actually have overcome some of these problems.  How Ms Yap has helped me, is that firstly, she helps me understand concepts better by providing clearly annotated diagrams as well as highlighting important concepts that I might have overlooked.  Secondly, Ms Yap is also a very friendly and dedicated teacher as she would often take time off tuition hours to help you answer your questions and query.  Questions provided by Ms Yap are very high-yielding, in the sense they actually test you on your concepts and how well you understand it.  The unique point of Ms Yap’s tuition is that her lessons are more detailed and she has a very patient style of teaching.  Her lessons are longer hours compared to other tuition centres, because she wants to ensure that the lessons are not rushed through; and that the questions and content are adequately gone through, before she concludes her lesson to ensure that all students understand the things that were taught during the lesson.  Even if you find that you are unable to understand the lesson, you can always approach her after lessons and she would be more than happy to help you.

I highly recommend joining Ms Yap’s tuition.

Feedback and testimonials from students

Brian Leung Chee Hoe’s Testimonial (Anglo Chinese Junior College)

Brian testimonial MERGED 1

Ms Yap’s notes cover EVERYTHING that can possibly be tested in examinations.  The duration of each lesson is often increased so as to ensure that we can understand the concepts and not fall behind.  Ms Yap’s teaching is clear, precise and detailed.  I am provided with her own lecture notes, showing common mistakes made, tutorial questions consisting of 10 year series questions….  The notes are more detailed and questions provided (by Ms Yap) often come out in my test, as compared to tutorial questions given by my school, testing us on our basics, which is not enough for us to be able to tackle the more challenging questions in the exam.”

Stuart Khoo’s Testimonial (Innova Junior College)

Stuart testimonial MERGED
 Ms Yap is an inspirational and motivational teacher. She clarifies doubts and fills in gaps in my Biology knowledge with ease.  She sacrifices hours a week to make sure we understand everything.  This is something my school teachers wouldn’t even dream of doing, because of this, I have confidence in doing well for my exam.  My school teachers also cannot teach properly… ”
Felicia Ley’s Testimonial (Innova Junior College)
Felicia Testimonial MERGED


“I find Ms Yap is very patient with us.  She is very detailed in her marking and she explains clearer as compared to my school’s teacher. Through her teaching, I learnt how to apply concepts to solve application questions and it had benefitted me greatly.”


Rae Chua’s Testimonial (Dunman High School)

Rae testimonial MERGED
 Ms Yap’s lessons are informative, precise, clear and easily understandable… My school lacked clear explanations and detailed notes
Ms Yap is a really good teacher and her explanations are clear and easy to understand.  Her notes are extremely informative and my doubts are always cleared when I ask her questions in class. Though my school is going at an extremely fast paceMs Yap chooses a pace which I can understand what the topic is about, which is better than going too fast and not being able to understand anythingMs Yap drills the concepts before choosing to move on to another topic. Her marking standards are high, which pushes me to be as accurate as possible when I do my work. I enjoy learning Biology more and more.”


Kieran Lai’s Testimonial (Anglo Chinese Junior College)


Kieran testimonial MERGED
(Ms Yap’s) notes has more explanations as compared to my school’s and thus I can understand difficult concepts much easily.
Ms Yap is an extremely dedicated teacher.  This is clearly seen in the effort she put in during lessons.  The transition from O level biology to A level biology is a huge leap, now blindly memorising concepts can no longer get you the coveted A, you are required to understand all concepts. Due to the fast pace teaching JC utilises, it is difficult to grasp these concepts and even if one was to misunderstand a concept, future learning will be difficult. Ms Yap’s teaching style ensures no stone is left unturned, she goes out of her way to make sure I can understand everything and that I am able to apply these concepts to solve my examination questions.  
Even though it is a group tuition we will feel that he or she is in a one-to-one class, she puts in effort to ensure that all her students are taught well. I am taking great strides towards achieving my A, something I know for certain I would be unable to do without herI thank you Ms Yap!”


Reiko Lim’s Testimonial (Yishun Junior College)

Reiko testimonial MERGED
 Ms Yap’s teaching is much clearer compared to my school’s, she covers everything in detail and ensures we understand.  She gives all the different possibilities (of questions) which makes me feel I understand more in depth.  Ms Yap provides all the different notes such as common mistakes and her own summary which makes my learning process easier.  Compared to my school’s notes, her notes are much more detailed. ” 


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