Ms Yap Profile Synopsis

 1. Years of teaching experience

Ms Yap specialises in teaching Biology and has 10 years of teaching experience.  She taught in a private tuition centre, is registered as a MOE school relief teacher, and has been a full time tutor for 5 years.


Ms Yap has been teaching Biology for the past 5 years as a top Biology Specialist. You can set your mind at ease, as Ms Yap only gives the best to the students. She provides quality coaching for students which enables them to excel in Biology, and she provides them with biology notes, questions, tutorials and materials. Ms Yap concentrates on teaching H2 Biology, with an emphasis on understanding content and clarifying concepts.  She teaches students how to analyse and handle information, together with application skills.

2. Ms Yap’s academic record

Ms Yap’s good understanding of examination techniques and key concepts is shown in her stellar academic record – she graduated with First Class Honours degree (for top 5% of students) in Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, and consistently scored in the top 5 % of Singapore students at both the A level and O levels, and topped her cohort several times.

Ms Yap was formerly a student from Victoria Junior College. She scored better than 92% and 97% of the national cohort for verbal and math components of the SAT1 reasoning test.  She is also a scholarship recipient. Drawing from her own experience, Ms Yap teaches students study and examination techniques, in particular, how to answer questions to gain the necessary marks.

3. Number of students taught

She has been teaching Biology to more than 100 students in total since 2004. She taught Science to students from age 7 to O and A levels, and even post-graduate students in their medical college entrance exams. All of her students have had improvements in their grades for major examinations, with a majority achieving As and high Bs.

Click to view: A-level Results of Ms Yap’s graduating batch of students

She is committed to helping students understand and grasp the key concepts and principles behind Biology.

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